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NHL Calgary Flames

Miikka Kiprusoff Injury Update: Calgary Flames Goaltender Close to Return

Anne-Marie Sorvin

Miikka Kiprusoff has been out for a month with a grade two MCL sprain, leaving the Calgary Flames with few viable goaltending options.  As the Flames eagerly await his return, they have been able to stay close to .500, though they are not currently in the playoff race.  A healthy Miikka Kiprusoff gives the Flames a top goalie to help stabilize a streaky team as they try to build towards a playoff push.

Fortunately, for the first time this season, the Miikka Kiprusoff injury update carries good news.  When we last heard, Kiprusoff was expected to miss at least another two weeks as of mid-February while his injury lingered.  As of March, Kiprusoff is back on the ice and has been skating for the past few days, and says that he is feeling better.

Kiprusoff claims to be pushing his recovery as fast as he can, but he recognizes that there are certain injuries that simply cannot be rushed.  He “feels good” and anticipates that he will be back on the ice soon.

Another fortunate twist in the Flames’ schedule allows Miikka Kiprusoff some extra practice time with his team this week to test out his knee at his own pace.  In the lockout-condensed 48-game season, practice time has been rare.  Luckily, right as Kiprusoff is slated to return, there is a small break in games.  Kiprusoff will get back on the ice and see exactly where he is in his recovery.

There is still no timetable for Kiprusoff to get back on the ice, but it appears the Calgary Flames will have their goalie back soon.