Philadelphia Flyers' Harry Zolnierczyk faces disciplinary hearing

By Deanna Vasso
Harry Zolnierczyk will get suspended
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know what Harry Zolnierczyk is doing, but he’s not helping the Philadelphia Flyers with their penalty minutes. He’s making it worse, and we all have to admit that in Saturday in the Flyers game against the Ottawa Senators, he left his feet.

There, I said it. I’m not happy about it, but I know when to admit that one of the Flyers has messed up.

Zolnierczyk is also no stranger to getting into trouble, even off the ice. In 2008, he was charged for distribution of child pornography for sharing a video of his teammate having consensual intercourse with an underage girl. This was when he was playing on the Junior-A Alberni Valley Bulldogs.

So yeah, Nick Cousins’ sexual assault charges are not the only bad publicity that the Flyers are getting regarding their prospects and rookies.

What surprised me when the Cousins’ news came out was that no one really talked about Zolnierczyk’s past digressions, and they should have. As a woman, I’m not a fan of either of these players. I can respect them for their talents on the ice, but I have no qualms about not liking either guy off the ice.

Zolnierczyk is starting to put a target on his back by making these stupid mistakes on the ice. His hit on Washington CapitalsMathieu Perrault was dismissed as being dirty, and he was not suspended for it. So when he did it again in the Flyers next game on Senators’ Mike Lundin, it was no surprise to hear that he would be facing a disciplinary hearing with director of Player Safety, Brendan Shanahan, on Sunday.

Zolnierczyk was also ejected from the game due to this. My first reaction to this news and after looking at the video replay was, “He’s gonna get Shanabanned!”, and I’m probably right.

So far, no news has come out about Zolnierczyk being suspended, but do not be surprised if this gets announced later today. This was a bad move on the young players’ part, and like his other mistakes, I hope he learns from this.

Let’s go Flyers! Deanna Vasso is a Flyers contributor for You can follow her on Twitter @Dmvasso.

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