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Vinny Prospal A Constant Presence In Blue Jackets’ Lineup

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

Those poor Columbus Blue Jackets.

It’s not enough that they’re one of the worst clubs in professional sports, on paper. No, they also have to have their roster absolutely decimated by injury. Even through all of those injuries, at least one member of this club has remained constant, the veteran Vinny Prospal.

Playing with a team like Columbus can’t be easy for a guy in the twilight of his career, but Prospal continues to come to play on a nightly basis.

Prospal is currently the leading scorer for the Blue Jackets, with 14 points on the season. He’s a far cry from the days when he could go out and put up a point per game, including a couple of seasons around 80 points, but he’s still the type of dependable player that this team needs.

The fact that the Blue Jackets need Prospal doesn’t mean he’s necessarily integral to success. You simply need a veteran presence like that, especially when the team in this bad. He plays top minutes at full strength and on both special teams. More importantly for Columbus, he’s played in every single game this season.

The Blue Jackets have seen most of their roster miss at least a couple of games this year because of injury. Only six players have seen the ice in every game this year. Prospal has managed to survive the rash of injuries and continue to add to what has been a solid, and lengthy, career. He won’t put up too many points at this point in his career, but what he brings to the table as a veteran player is still very important to such a young team.

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