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Top 10 Philadelphia Flyers of all time

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Top 10 Philadelphia Flyers of all time


With former Philadelphia Flyers Mike Knuble and Simon Gagne returning to the black and orange fold, I’ve been getting really nostalgic about the Flyers history.

I mean, I’ve kind of always been a bit stuck in the ‘90s, Eric Lindros is still the “love of my hockey life” and I hate the Detroit Red Wings mainly because I’m still bitter over the Flyers 1997 Stanley Cup loss. It doesn’t matter how good the ‘Wings’ “Russian Line” was, I still hate them. Even though I wasn’t born yet when the Flyers last hoisted the Stanley Cup in our city, I still have so much admiration for the Broad Street Bullies and the men who I looked up to as a kid on the Legion of Doom line. So yeah, I’m a sucker for all these former Flyers returning to the team.

But back to my initial thought. They have a lot of players returning home, so I got to thinking of all the ex-Flyers who have been having good seasons with other teams. I was going to write a post last week of my Top 5, but I thought it was stupid and three of them were on the Los Angeles Kings, so I scrapped it. The next day Gagne returned, so I guess I subconsciously know how to predict the future.

I still wanted to write something about my top Flyers, which led me to compiling my Top 10 Flyers of All Time. This is my raw reaction to who I think are the Flyers players who will always be remembered. I tried not to over think it but gave my initial thoughts. Feel free to disagree with me and shoot me a comment below or tweet me to tell me who you think are the Top 10.

Let’s go Flyers! Deanna Vasso is a Flyers writer for rantsports.com. You can follow her on Twitter @Dmvasso.

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Honorable Mention: Claude Giroux

Eric Hartline-USA Today Sports

Giroux was a breakout start last season and may have struggled as the current Flyers captain this season, but the whole team is in on this. The future is bright for the young center, and I predict he will be the face of the franchise for many years to come.

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10. Mark Howe

mark howe

Howe was born into a hockey family, you know because his dad is Gordie Howe. You know, the guy who created a Gordie Howe Hat trick. I like defenseman, so of course this guy is on the list. Howe was essentially the backbone of the blue line for the Flyers back in the ‘80s and is probably the best defenseman the team ever saw. They need a guy like this now!

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9. Rick Tocchet

rick tocchet

It was deeply upsetting when Tocchet was traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins, but he remains a part of the Flyers family as a color analyst for CSN. I also have him on this list because I interviewed him for a radio podcast show and he’s pretty receptive to fans.

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8. Fred Shero

Wikimedia Commons

He may not be a player, but head coach Fred Shero led the team to two consecutive Stanley Cups. He also was famous for being a coach who never yelled at his players. Seriously, how is he not in the Hall of Fame yet?

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7. Chris Pronger


Pronger had two skills the Flyers needed—defense and leadership. Unfortunately his career ended by a freak accident with a stick to an eye. The Flyers really need a guy like him right now.

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6. Ian Laperriere


“Lappy” is a beloved former Flyers, mostly because he blocked a shot with his face and they love that type of thing in Philadelphia. His career also ended due to injury from said puck, but he’s still involved with player development for the Flyers.

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5. Eric Lindros

Wikimedia Commons

Lindros is the reason I like hockey to this day. He could have been the next “great one” but he was plagued by concussions at a time when the league didn’t even use the word.

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4. Ron Hextall


Hextall came into the team at a time of mourning, but he proved to be a key asset. He was an all around BAMF, fighting other goalies, and scoring from his own net.

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3. Pelle Lindbergh


I don’t think the Flyers have had a truly talented goaltender since Pelle Lindbergh’s death.

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2. Bobby Clarke


In an episode of 30 Rock, Tina Fey explained why Philly is better than Boston, exclaiming “Bobby Clarke, Will Smith, Cheesesteaks!” Clarke is a staple in this town, leading his team to two Stanley Cups when he was captain and even having a brief stint as Flyers GM.

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1. Bernie Parent

Wikimedia Commons

In case you didn’t know, Bernie Parent is also a motivational speaker and he has a bi-weekly column on philly.com, which is unintentionally hilarious. How can you not love that guy?