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Would The Florida Panthers Consider Trading Brian Campbell?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This just in: the Florida Panthers are bad.

They have some very solid players on this roster, and have the makings of a very good core group of players. But they just haven’t been able to put it together this season. We’re not even halfway to March and the Cats are looking like they’ll be watching the playoffs from their couch this spring.

Which means that it will be time to start looking at players they could trade before the deadline. There are a couple of veterans that are going to draw interest for contending clubs looking to add a final piece. One player that could draw some interest is Brian Campbell. But would the Panthers actually be interested in dealing him?

Campbell is Dale Tallon‘s boy. He signed Campbell to his absurd contract, which includes a cap hit over $7 million over eight years. The Panthers took him in a trade that essentially served as a salary dump for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Of the veterans on this roster, it could be Campbell to fetch the most value, especially now that teams have the ability to maintain salary in trading players. A team wouldn’t be required to take on all of Campbell’s cap hit. Which could make him a more attractive trade option.

You’re talking about one of the better puck-moving defensemen in the league. He’s elite offensively and sound defensively. He could be a top pairing defenseman on a lot of teams, and is an outstanding second pairing guy. Teams will want him. If he were to be available, of course.

Which is the true question. He’s 33. Tallon obviously likes him, but with this team looking like they’re in full-scale rebuild mode, should they trade him off to acquire more young talent? There’s obviously value there. It will be interesting to see if the Panthers put any consideration into such a move, though don’t count on any sort of action taking place on the Campbell front.