Philadelphia Flyers Won't Become Chicago Blackhawks' Doppelganger

By Sean O'Brien
Philadelphia Flyers NHL
Tom Szczerbowski – USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Flyers are highly unlikely to become the Chicago Blackhawks‘ doppelganger during the final stretch of this season. If Peter Laviolette’s team instantly completed that metamorphosis, it would be probable that his brash ice boys would storm toward a playoff berth.

The Blackhawks have earned an ungodly total of 45 points through their first 25 games (heading into Sunday’s action) and are sure-shot postseason participants.

The Flyers need to earn approximately 55 points to finish eighth in the Eastern Conference this season. That task seems rather daunting as March moves forward and April awaits.

After playing 26 games, the Flyers have only posted 23 points. Sunday’s home game against the Buffalo Sabres isn’t a must-win, but it represents a sorely needed opportunity to add two points to their mediocre shortened-season total.

In addition to being stuck in eleventh place among all Eastern Conference teams, Laviolette’s squad has played more games than each of the four teams that they are ahead of in the Conference standings, including the Sabres (21 points). Being aware of Philadelphia’s low point total is troubling, until you glance to the left and realize that the situation is actually worse than it looks.

Calculating the playoff berth math: Prior to their game against the Sabres, the Flyers had 22 remaining regular season games on their schedule and 44 possible points to be gained. Expecting an inconsistent team to secure approximately 30 points by the end of April seems deeply hopeful and rather illogical. Of course it can happen, but expecting it to represents an emotional belief.

General manager Paul Holmgren recognizes reality and is almost certainly preparing his playoff plan, meaning his 2013-14 course of action.

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