Carolina Hurricanes May Want To Look At Acquiring Goaltending

By Randy Holt
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Hurricanes haven’t played the best of hockey this season, but it hasn’t actually mattered.

Due to the fact that they play in, arguably, the worst division in hockey, the Canes have managed to hold onto the third spot in the Eastern Conference, despite only having 29 points for the season.

But as bad as the other teams in their division have been, the Hurricanes now find themselves faced with a tough task. They’re going to have to replace Cam Ward until about May.

Ward hadn’t posted terrific numbers, but he’s still looked at as one of the more elite goaltenders in the game. His knee injury suffered last week will leave him on the shelf for the next six to eight weeks. Which means that for the time being, the Canes will have to roll with a combination of Dan Ellis and Justin Peters.

As a backup, neither one is a terrible option. But neither is a guy that you want carrying your team for an extended period of time, either. Which means that the Hurricanes may want to consider looking at outside goaltending options.

There aren’t exactly a wealth of options out there that will come at a low price. They could look at someone like Jonathan Bernier. He would be cheap from a monetary standpoint, but probably is going to cost a couple of prospects, and potentially a player off of the Hurricanes current roster.

Regardless of the names available, the Hurricanes may want to take a look. Ward will be back, perhaps in April, but more likely in May. They need someone capable of shouldering the load until then. They lack it on their current roster. Whether or not they’ll be willing to go out and acquire someone is going to be the real question.

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