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Scott Gomez Experiment Sort Of Working Out For San Jose Sharks

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Scott Gomez Saga is one of the more famous stories in the history of the NHL.

After experiencing a massive implosion with the Montreal Canadiens, that resulted in a buyout, Gomez earned a new deal with the San Jose Sharks. The Sharks took a chance on a guy that many had counted out, simply due to the fact that he didn’t live up to a gigantic contract.

That’s not to say that Gomez is any sort of ‘feel good’ story. But his signing is working out quite well for the Sharks this season. Even if it isn’t showing up on the stat sheet every night.

Gomez is long past his days of putting up 70 or 80 points. Any team that was going to have interest in him was obviously aware of that fact. He hasn’t put up too many points, nor has he appeared in every game for the Sharks this season, but he is making at least some sort of impact.

On the season, Gomez has five points in 17 games. That’s already a better pace than he was on last season, when he had just 11 in 38 games with the Habs. He hasn’t provided the secondary scoring the Sharks would have liked, but who on this team is actually living up to expectations?

Gomez is showing signs of improvement of late, though. He scored his first goal of the season on March 5th, before adding another one on Saturday. Time will tell if that was a sign of things to come for Gomez.

The signing of Gomez hasn’t been an awful one for the Sharks. He’s actually played pretty well, when he’s been in the lineup. If he can start adding some goals, with any sort of regularity, this signing should pan out to actually be a pretty good one for San Jose. As of right now, though, it’s still a wash.