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New Jersey Devils Insult Fans by Canceling Retro Jersey Night for St. Patrick’s Day

Ed Mulholland – US PRESSWIRE

The New Jersey Devils have had tremendous attendance levels in this shortened season.  Riding the momentum of their Stanley Cup run, the Devils have sold out 11 of their first 13 home games this year.  The crowd is energized and into every game, while the empty seats that have characterized Devils games are a thing of the past.  More importantly, the enemy jerseys that filled the arena in rivalry games have been replaced by a sea of red and black.

As such, it is incredibly insulting for the New Jersey Devils to cancel Retro Jersey Night this season.

As they cling to one of the final playoff seeds after a precipitous fall from the top of the conference, it’s apparent that the New Jersey Devils are a mediocre team this year.  The Devils lost their captain and one of their best players this off-season, but did nothing to replace him amid bankruptcy battles that crippled team finances.  With Martin Brodeur injured, New Jersey’s flaws are too much to overcome.  They aren’t playing good hockey, and they aren’t winning.  With that said, the fans inexplicably continue to come out and support their team.

The New Jersey Devils owe it to their fans to keep new traditions going.  Many of the season ticket holders and fans of this team are relatively new to the sport and the team, and this budding tradition brought them together.  Retro Jersey Night’s green throwback home jerseys each Saint Patrick’s Day made fans happy.  Those fans have turned out to watch terrible hockey the past month, and canceling retro jersey night is a slap in the face to that loyal audience.