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Stranger Than Fiction: Scott Timmins Sleeps on Some Other Couch

Scott Timmins, a 23-year-old Florida Panthers prospect currently playing for the AHL San Antonio Rampage (nine goals, seven assists in 50 games this season), went out partying with teammates one night and had a little too much to drink. But then he made a mistake that could have cost him his life if not for the intervention of fate.

Turns out Timmins passed out–but not on his own couch or on the couch of a friend or teammate or literally anyone he knows. He was in someone else’s house. The lady of the house found him sleeping it off on the couch and he was reportedly a bit confused about exactly whose house it was. He thought it was his house, but of course it wasn’t and the woman told him in no uncertain terms to leave before ushering her startled children outside to get away from the situation while she called 911 and her husband. So he did.

Timmins got out lucky, though. Had the man of the house been the one to find him, he apparently wouldn’t have given the young man the benefit of the doubt. He would have just shot him between the eyes. Well, his first instinct was to beat up Timmins, but then I guess he’d get his gun too or something.

The young prospect was apparently so drunk he could barely stand upright and said he couldn’t remember how he got into the house, but that he meant no harm to anyone living in it.

Of course, this begs a few questions: How did Timmins get into the house? Were there unlocked doors? If so, isn’t that kind of on the family that owns the house to ensure proper security by locking and chaining doors? Why would the man have shot him before trying to wake him up and ask him what he was doing there or give him a chance to leave with his life instead of causing tragedy? How frightened would those kids have been by being around as Daddy shoots a weird guy in the head?

I understand that what Timmins did was wrong and was trespassing. (Folks, if you’re gonna drink too much, try to get a friend or a taxi to arrange for your safe transportation home.) But whatever happened to the benefit of the doubt? Or waiting until the trespasser actually makes or poses a threat to use physical force against them?

Also, the man wants Timmins to pay for scaring his family. Neither the Panthers nor the Rampage have provided any official comment on the situation, but that might not happen.

This isn’t the weirdest story involving an AHL player who’d had a bit too much, though–I think that title goes to Riley Sheahan of the Grand Rapids Griffins, arrested for super-drunk driving while wearing a Teletubbies costume and toting a teammate’s driver’s license. He pleaded guilty last December and got a fine, community service and probation.


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