Will Kyle Okposo Ever Be A Difference Maker For New York Islanders?

By Randy Holt
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

With any team in sports, for every star that they draft, there are going to be a handful of disappointments. One of those players that fits the latter for the New York Islanders is forward Kyle Okposo.

Before John Tavares, there was Okposo. Drafted seventh overall back in 2006, it’s taken Okposo all sorts of time to be the type of player that the Isles hoped they were getting. He’s coming off of his best season, as far as his goal output is concerned, but another slow start has brought back questions about his future.

Okposo has one season of 50 points to his credit, and is coming off of a year in which totaled 45 points. He had a career year for goals scored, with 24, to go along with his 21 assists. That earned him an opportunity on the Islanders’ top line to start the year, next to Tavares.

That experiment didn’t last long. Brad Boyes replaced Okposo, who has just nine points, including only two goals, in 26 games this season. Boyes has found success next to Tavares and Matt Moulson, which should set the Islanders up to receive a nice prize for him at the trade deadline.

But the struggles of Okposo are not going to be overlooked, no matter what kind of season he’s coming off of. This was a kid that many had hoped would be a strong asset for this team for years to come, as a guy who could routinely put up 25-30 goals in a regular basis. That hasn’t even come close to happening, except for last year.

His contract runs a few more years, and he carries a cap hit under $3 million. For a guy who doesn’t bring much to the ice, outside of his ability to put the puck in the net, the future could be in doubt on Long Island for Kyle Okposo. Unless he can magically find some consistency in the very near future.

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