Anaheim Ducks: Will the NHLPA Suspend Corey Perry?

By Michelle Drinnenberg
Gary A. Vasquez- USA TODAY Sports


Last night, the Anaheim Ducks took the driver seat in a roller coaster ride against the Minnesota Wild.

Usually, the Ducks’ signature move is to barely survive the opening period and somehow finish on the winning end. Tonight, the Ducks did just that and then some. The team was held to only an embarrassing five shots on goal after two periods of play. Five? Yup! That’s due in large part to Anaheim players taking turns in the sin bin –playing 28 minutes out of 40 in the box.

The real story about the this game is not that the Ducks came back and won. That’s almost become a given with this team as they’ve somehow managed to win when not playing a full 60 minutes. The big elephant in the room right now is what will happen to Corey Perry when he wakes up tomorrow. It is more than likely that the perennial forward will feel the repercussions after the late hit he laid on Jason Zucker in the second period.

It was minutes into the second and Zucker was reversing the puck back to his teammate when Perry plowed into him. If you take another look at the blow, Zucker’s attention was to who he played the puck to. He was without the puck for roughly three seconds when Perry leveled him up high. It’s as clear as day that Zucker took a blow to the head and was completely blindsided by it all.

Thankfully for the Ducks, Perry is known for having an occasional mean streak but he makes up for it on the scoresheet. Unfortunately, Perry did something of similar fashion in ’09 when he dealt a late hit on Philadelphia FlyersClaude Giroux. During that incident, again, Perry elbowed a player in the head and that time he was given a four game suspension as a result.

In any case, there’s no skating around that he will get suspended. It is disappointing to know that as the trade deadline is looming and Perry’s names swirling in the talks that there’s a possibility that his days as a Duck are dwindling faster because of his recent run in.

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