Buffalo Sabres: Is Ryan Miller's Trade Value What It Used To Be?

By Randy Holt
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

With the way their season has gone this year, it’s a pretty obvious statement to say that the Buffalo Sabres will be sellers when the trade deadline rolls around.

When it does, Ryan Miller is sure to be a hot name. There aren’t too many contenders looking for goaltending help, but his name will be connected to several teams in the coming weeks.

Not that that’s any different from trade rumors we’ve heard for the past few seasons. But if the Sabres were planning on dealing Miller at any point in the last couple of years, they may have wanted to consider making a move sooner. If they look to move him now, they may find that the market isn’t what it once was for the 32-year-old netminder, who still has another year with a cap hit over $6 million.

Miller is still a capable goaltender. And it’s important to note that the team playing in front of him is absolutely horrid right now. But he hasn’t posted good numbers in the past couple of years, regardless of who’s playing in front of him. He has a goals-against average near three this year, and his save percentage is just .909.

He’s only a couple years removed from being a Vezina Candidate. In 2009-2010, he won 41 games and posted a GAA of 2.22. There still has to be some of that game left in there somewhere. Which the Sabres could try to sell to prospective teams.

But if the Sabres are going to try and deal Ryan Miller before the trade deadline, they may be a bit disappointed in what they find. He hasn’t been the same guy the last few years. Teams know that. Unless they can find a team willing to overpay, the Sabres may end up holding onto Miller through the remainder of his contract.

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