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NHL Dallas Stars

Dallas Stars Could Look To Deal Derek Roy Before Trade Deadline

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

For the Dallas Stars, the acquisition of Derek Roy was one that was expected to net them a no. 1 center. In some ways, that has happened. But he hasn’t quite lived up to the expectations that the Stars may have had for a guy in the middle of their top line.

Roy’s season has been solid, though not great. He has 16 points in 23 games, including three goals and 13 assists. He’s been a solid guy in the faceoff circle as well.

The indications right now are that the Stars would like to sign Roy to an extension. He hasn’t been great, but he’s been good enough to warrant opening up extension talks. The Stars figure that after a year to get comfortable, Roy may return to his former self, putting up 50 or 60 points.

With the young wingers that the Stars have, a guy with that type of production would do well as a no. 1 center in Dallas. They don’t need someone to put up 90 or 100 points from the middle, with the talent they have on the wing. So you could understand why they’d want to talk about an extension. That doesn’t necessarily mean that one will happen.

In fact, these talks are going to be short. If they are unable to agree to a deal quickly, then the Stars are very likely going to look to deal him before the trade deadline. Roy is a free agent this summer, and in a thin market, he’d very likely command a very high price as a center.

Which is why the Stars either want to lock him up now, or deal him for future pieces. If he reaches the market this summer, he could be looking at another new home. The Stars will try to sign him first, but if they can’t agree to a deal, look for him to be dealt in the near future.