Ottawa Senators' Daniel Alfredsson: Top Captain In NHL?

By Patrick Trudeau
Daniel Alfredsson
Marc DesRosiers- USA Today Sports

Daniel Alfredsson has spent his entire NHL career with the Ottawa Senators, and has been a leader on and off the ice for the Sens, ever since being drafted in 6th round of the 1994 Entry Draft. (133rd Overall)

He won the Calder Trophy, as the leagues top rookie, and even though he hasn’t been able to win a Stanley Cup with Ottawa, he still stays dedicated to the team and city. Another title “Alfie” holds, is that title of “God” on the Apple iPhone “Siri” application. If you asked Siri to show you a picture of God, a picture of Alfredsson would appear. That’s an impressive accomplishment in itself, even though it has sadly been removed.

Alfredsson is currently the longest serving captain in the NHL, and has spent 17 seasons with Ottawa, although this could be his last one.

Now to the captaincy debate. What truly defines a captain? defines the word “captain” as “a person who is at the head of or in authority over others” Surely, if you asked the humble Alfredsson, he would say he is on the same level of authority as his teammates. To me, a captain isn’t necessarily having 100 point seasons–although a presence on the ice is needed, being a captain is more leadership than skills. “Alfie” posses some of the best leadership skills in the league, hence he is one of the NHL’s top captains.

Alfredsson has also done a mass amount of charity work in and around the Ottawa area as well, proving that being a captain is just as important on the ice, as it is off it. Staying devoted to the city and the Sens, Daniel is a top captain in the NHL, there is doubt about that, but is he the best captain?

Looking at other captains, he surely is up there. It’s hard to tell if he really is the top captain, but don’t shortchange him. We don’t know what goes on in other NHL locker rooms, but we do know that Alfie is a leader inside of his. Other names of top captains include Ryan Getzlaf, Sidney Crosby and Jarome Iginla, and they are all amongst the top captains in the NHL. We are all aware of Alfredsson’s presence, and how great of a captain he can be, but really, we can’t fully decide who the top captain is. Every captain in the NHL has a different way of leading their team, so it would be a difficult task to name one player as “top captain in NHL.”

So, we may not know if Alfredsson is the top captain in the NHL, but he undoubtedly is up there. Even if you hate the Sens, you can’t disagree that Alfie is a terrific leader. If he retires this season, he will go down as one of the top captains in recent years, and he surely does deserve it.

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