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NHL Washington Capitals

The Washington Capitals Will Not Make the Playoffs With Their Current Scheme


Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In this wild and crazy start to the hockey season, the Washington Capitals have found a way to make everything interesting. Their 16 losses have been different in every way, and even their wins have been out of sorts. Led by their new coach Adam Oates, the system that they have struggled to work with has shown flaws everywhere. Since they switched coaches, they never had the time to learn it, and it is sure showing.

Defense and goaltending have been a big problem in the recent losses, but the reason the Capitals haven’t been able to sustain a solid winning streak is because of their lack of offensive fire power. One game they may score five goals, but they will lay a goose egg the next night out, something that is very frustrating for Capitals fans in Washington.

An example of this was perfectly illustrated in their game against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Tuesday night. They ended up losing 2-1, but it wasn’t the loss that had fans upset, it was the way the offense played, or should we say—didn’t play. Alexander Ovechkin scored early in the first period, but after that the well officially ran dry. Washington had many chances to capitalize and cash-in on some fantastic opportunities, but they failed to do so.

The Capitals had hopes to make a late-season playoff push starting with this game, but the offense cost them the win. I see this as a continuing trend as the season will conclude. Adam Oates might feel his team has the talent, but if they don’t come ready to play every night, their push will run short and they will miss the playoffs.