Jay Bouwmeester Finally Helping The Calgary Flames Out On Offense

By Randy Holt
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Bouwmeester won’t need to wait until his career is over before being looked back on as one that he completely failed to live up to. We already know that.

Bouwmeester was seen as that final piece when he signed with the Calgary Flames prior to the 2009-2010 season. Coming off of his time with the Florida Panthers, where he put up at least 40 points in three of his four seasons there, big things were expected out of Bouwmeester on the top pairing.

He’s failed to live up to those. The offense that he showcased in South Beach hasn’t been there. He’s still been steady defensively, but he didn’t bring the type of numbers you’d hope to get from a no. 1 defenseman. Finally, the Flames are beginning to see a bit of that this year.

Bouwmeester has 14 points in 29 games this season. If the 2013 campaign was a full season, he would probably easily eclipse his highest offensive output since joining the Flames, which is 29 points. He’s reached that total two of the three seasons he’s been in Calgary prior to this one.

The offense that has come along with the solid defense that Bouwmeester plays has actually made the Calgary Flames reconsider trading him, when it seemed like a sure bet just last summer. He’s still a guy that can eat a ton of minutes and give you an all-around game, even if it isn’t flashy.

The fact that he’s adding some offense to his game for the first time with the Flames give them options. They can either take advantage of that and trade him, at a higher value than he had last summer, or keep him. Don’t forget, he’s only 29. There is plenty of value in Bouwmeester, whatever the Flames decide to do.

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