No Discipline Coming For Red Wings Defenseman Niklas Kronwall?

By Randy Holt
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The big news in NHL discipline on Thursday is the news of the hearing for Joffrey Lupul, who will almost certainly receive a suspension of some sort for his hit on Victor Hedman on Wednesday night.

Surprisingly enough, Detroit Red Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall will not be joining Lupul in having a little chat with Brendan Shanahan on Thursday afternoon. He will not receive any sort of discipline for the hit he laid on Charlie Coyle.

Early in the second period, Coyle was skating the puck out of his own zone, with his head looking at the puck. Kronwall launched himself into Coyle’s head with his shoulder, leaving his skates if even for a brief moment. But Kronwall wasn’t given a penalty for the hit on the play.

Rather, he was given a penalty for high-sticking, which ended up being a double minor. His stick barely even made contact with Coyle at all. Which means that the officials obviously got this one very wrong.

Kronwall has made a living with hits like that. Not necessarily dirty hits, but impactful hits like the one he laid on Coyle. The one on Thursday, though, is certainly something that could be looked at as a headshot, as it certainly looked like Kronwall had targeted the head of Coyle.

But it doesn’t sound like any discipline is coming for Kronwall for the hit. The focus has all been on Lupul, with not a single word from the NHL about the Kronwall hit to this point, though it wouldn’t be surprising to hear something about a review eventually. Stay tuned.

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