Should Ottawa Senators Be Aggressive During Trade Deadline?

By Patrick Trudeau
Ottawa Senators Bench
Dennis Wierzbicki- USA TODAY Sports

As the Trade Deadline approaches rapidly, lots of fans are wondering– should the Ottawa Senators do something during the trade deadline?

I guess we really need to look at the Senators’ options. Ottawa has enough cap space to make a bold trade come deadline day, so they are capable in bringing in someone with a higher salary. When a player has a high salary, it’s usually safe to assume that the player is a better one in the league. Ottawa would need to give up something in return though, which wouldn’t make much sense if they decide to just trade fire for fire.

With Jason Spezza, Erik Karlsson, Milan Michalek and Craig Anderson all out, it wouldn’t be out of the question for Ottawa to bring someone in to replace any injured player. In reality,  reports have shown that these players could be in the lineup come playoff time–Anderson will be sooner.

If Ottawa does indeed make the playoffs, it would be nice to have a solid forward to count on down the stretch. Right now, Ottawa doesn’t need anymore defensemen, they have six solid guys playing every night, and when Karlsson comes back, it will make them even better.

Looking at goalies, Robin Lehner and Ben Bishop have been playing exceptionally well, so it is highly unlikely that Ottawa would deal someone to replace Anderson until he returns.

That leaves the forward position open. Ottawa looks to be getting back on the right path by putting some goals onto the scoreboard, but with Spezza and Michalek out, Ottawa wouldn’t mind bringing in a scoring forward.

So, if Ottawa were to make any trades, who would it be for? One name pops into my head– Dallas Stars C Derek Roy. Also a  local kid, he would fit right in with Ottawa’s depleted lineup. He would add a bit of speed and scoring, which would be very beneficial for Ottawa, seeing as they will be playing without Spezza and Michalek for a bit.

What would be the asking price in return? It’s hard to really tell. Derek Roy seems like someone that Ottawa could acquire, but it is kind of foggy to see what they can give up. Roy has been a bit better than average this season, so it would be interesting come Deadline day.

Ottawa could potentially make a deal, but only if the price is right. When their injured players come back, they are going to be solid, and they are going to be better than what they are now. If Ottawa makes a deal come deadline day, it wouldn’t be surprising if it happens to be Derek Roy. Different combinations can land Roy in a red, white and black jersey, but it is also likely that Ottawa won’t make any deals come Trade Deadline day.

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