Eric Staal And Jordan Staal Elect To Begin Wearing Visors

By Randy Holt
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

When the Carolina Hurricanes hit the ice for their next tilt, which isn’t until Tuesday night, they’ll see two of their bigger names sporting a different look.

Some of the largest news coming out of the organization in the past couple of days is the fact that both Eric Staal and Jordan Staal will begin wearing visors. Neither player has made it a habit of donning one over the course of their careers, but something that took place recently changed that.

Their brother Marc Staal, defenseman for the New York Rangers, took a puck to the face back on March 5th. He still hasn’t appeared in a game since, with some pretty serious swelling and vision issues related to that injury.

The shot to the face was the latest incident in the ongoing discussion/debate about whether or not visors should be considered mandatory. Marc Staal will obviously be wearing one when he returns, though his status as being out is still indefinite. After watching the injury, there’s no doubt that it probably made some other players consider wearing one as well.

His brothers were certainly affected by the injury. It looked brutal enough from an outsider’s perspective, so the fact that both of his brothers saw it take place was definitely something that hit a little too close to home for them.

Both Eric and Jordan Staal have been practicing with the visors for the past couple of days. When the Hurricanes meet the Winnipeg Jets on Tuesday, expect to see their new look.

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