Teemu Selanne Hinting At A Potential Return In 2013-2014

By Randy Holt
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Anaheim Ducks have been buzzing with big news lately.

First, they signed Ryan Getzlaf to a new eight-year contract. Not long after, Corey Perry followed with an eight-year deal of his own. That’s in addition to the fact that the Ducks are making a serious run at the Presidents’ Trophy. But the biggest news for this franchise is yet to come.

That news is the decision of Teemu Selanne. The past two summers have seen Selanne legitimately consider whether or not he wants to retire and close the book on his storied career.

Most assumed that the 2012-13 season would be his final one. If there wasn’t a season due to the lockout, he’d likely end it there. But now that we’re over halfway through the season, it’s starting to sound like Selanne is considering coming back for at least one more year.

The new deals that Getzlaf and Perry have received have apparently re-energized Selanne. He said that the two new deals for them means that he could play at least two more  years. He’s set to turn 43 this season.

A return of Teemu Selanne in 2013-2014 would be tremendous news for hockey fans. Few players are as universally liked as Selanne is. Since posting an absurd 132 points in his rookie year, Selanne has aged like a fine wine. Even once he hit 40, he’s still been producing consistently. He has 20 points on the season so far and his presence is certainly part of the Ducks’ success this year.

Which is why many are hoping that he decides to come back for at least one more ‘farewell tour’.

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