Toronto Maple Leafs Need More Colton Orr and Fraser McLaren to Settle the Score

By Anthony Sicilia
Photo by Kevin Hoffman-

Is a game of hockey more about skill, stick handling and scoring?  Only a small percentage of hockey games are about those factors. There is more beneath the surface than hockey fans realize.  One of the issues to consider during a hockey season is the fighting aspect. Is it necessary? Yes, it is a necessary evil.  It is understandable that the use of fighting in the game isn’t always an attractive part of the sport.

The after effects from some hockey fights can result in injuries, which can make some people squeamish at the very sight of a fight.  However, as hardcore fans know, “hockey is not ballet.”

Fighting this season is on the rise, and if it’s been said once it’s been said 1,000 times, points are crucial in a shortened season.  This season the Toronto Maple Leafs have said in past interviews that they would like to forget their past failures.

Toronto aims to look past the laughter. How do the Leafs go about changing that? They bring in a new coach in Randy Carlyle; they bring up players from the minors in Colton Orr and Fraser McLaren. Just like that Toronto has a new identity and a more aggressive attitude on the ice.

Toronto’s new style in the 2012-2013 seasons says the Leafs won’t lay down for anybody.   Orr is fitting well into his fighting role. The 6’3 220 pound Winnipeg native is quickly becoming the Leafs judge, jury and executioner.

Coming into Buffalo, Toronto’s record in the last six games had been 1-5. One the key elements to Toronto’s success on the ice is their toughness. At the First Niagara Center, the blue and white tried to establish an early first period physical presence. Just two minutes into the first frame, fists were flying. The warriors called to battle were No: 28 and No: 38 respectively. McLaren’s tilt with Buffalo Sabres John Scott brought the fans to their feet. However, Orr wasn’t as fortunate to just sit for two minutes. Orr received double minors and a game misconduct for going toe to toe with Patrick Kaleta.

After Orr departed from the hockey game, the Leafs’ physical presence seemed non-existent.  This is a 48 game season and the two Toronto tough guys have a combined 16 fights between them. The Maple Leafs currently lead the league in fighting with 35 overall.

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ record seems to be trending the wrong way going 1-5 in the last six games, and some members of Leafs Nation are frustrated.  However, this could just be the quiet before the storm of wins.   Saturday night Toronto will play host and begin a home and home series with their rivals from Boston. The action gets underway at 7pm. The game can be seen across Canada on the CBC Network.


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