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NHL Washington Capitals

Washington Capitals Will Win if Power Play is Consistent

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that the Washington Capitals are a team that has had one of the most difficult times all year. Adam Oates and the team started 2-8-1 to this lockout shortened season, and they had every fan in the Washington area frustrated and needing change. The Caps did change, but it hasn’t come without their fair share of flaws. Their wins came, but not without losses. The Capitals have failed to be consistent, and that has to change.

They have been peaking recently, and that has been a sign that Washington needs to see. Goaltending has been pretty consistent; it’s the offense that must be great night in and night out. There’s one thing that can change it, and it’s a pretty simple part of the game that coach Oates has to address and keep working on: the power play.

When the Capitals are great with one man up, they are unstoppable. In their recent doubleheader against the Winnipeg Jets, the power play was working great. They struck multiple times and ended up scoring ten goals in their two games because of the force that the power play success brings.

For a team like the Caps, confidence is key. When they are struggling, it seems like the mental aspect of the game will fall apart in a flash. Once they start striking and having successful power plays, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Watch for the emergence of the power play with Mike Green back. It’s been great since he has been back, and if they want to make a push at the postseason, the one-man advantage will be crucial.