Should The Anaheim Ducks Be Concerned After Losing Their Third Straight?

By Michelle Drinnenberg
Kelvin Kuo- USA TODAY Sports

Losing has become a rarity in Anaheim up until now.

The Anaheim Ducks‘ first consecutive losses in regulation didn’t take place until last Sunday — with back-to-back losses at home against the Detroit Red Wings — and now their streak has been extended after a loss to the San Jose Sharks.

Is this a sign that the high flying Ducks have decided to fly South and by that I mean are they starting to cool off?

Well, March has become the month when the hot teams start a losing trend. Just take a look at the Chicago Blackhawks whose 30 games point streak finally came to a halt on Mar. 8 against the Colorado Avalanche and since then the Hawks have lost three more. Also, the defending Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings have a 8-6 record up to this point for the month with two games left.

By no means am I justifying that the Ducks’ losing streak is okay merely based off the fact that other top teams are in the same boat. I’m actually relieved that this is taking place now and not closer towards the end of this season. It’s evident that Anaheim will make the playoffs, so I’d rather they deal with losses now rather than later.

The fact of the matter is, there is no reason to be alarmed if you’re a Ducks’ fan. Fortunately, the team has not been plagued with injuries, unlike other teams who’ve been dealt a different fate. With the recent re-signing of captain Ryan Getzlaf and former MVP Corey Perry, the team can focus more on keeping the eye on the prize instead of being caught up in trade rumor hoopla.

This recent three game skid is bitter sweet. I’m not a fan of the team letting their 13 win streak at home go down in flames with a 5-1 loss to the Wings, but they somewhat redeemed themselves with a more emotional and at times a gritty game during the re-match on Sunday. Last night the Ducks’ were beyond careless in their zone as the first two Shark goals were a result of not skating and a turnover. Anaheim did make strides for a comeback, but it was too late.

On Wednesday, the Ducks will go on the road to San Jose to face-off against the Sharks again. After a 2-3 record during their recent homestead, I’m hoping a change in scenery will wake up this team. If not, I’m not too concerned just yet.

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