Should The New York Islanders Try And Deal Kyle Okposo?

By Randy Holt
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve already heard a ton about potential players that the New  York Islanders could look to move prior to the trade deadline. Most of those names have been veterans on short term contracts.

Oddly enough, the players that the Isles could deal (Brad BoyesLubomir Visnovky, etc) are exactly the same players that they’d reportedly like to sign to extensions.

This is a team that isn’t too far away from playoff contention and could very well be in the top eight in the Eastern Conference this season. Which is why they’d like to hang on to some of that veteran talent. But one of their young players, who has been a disappointment to this point in his career, could be the one to go.

Don’t be surprised if the Islanders toy with the idea of trading away Kyle Okposo. After what many hoped was his breakout year in 2011-2012, Okposo has gone back to being the bust that he’s been labeled as throughout his time in the league.

After a 24-goal campaign last year, Okposo has regressed to post just three goals so far in 2013. He has 11 assists and is a minus-5 for the season. Is it time to call it quits on Okposo, hope a team takes a chance on him as a change-of-scenery candidate, and try to move him?

It’s possible, but unlikely. He’s likely going to get at least another season to prove himself as an important part of this season. That is, unless the Islanders find a deal that is extremely favorable for them. Teams are going to call on him in the next few days, but don’t expect Okposo to leave Long Island.

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