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Jarome Iginla Worth the Risk for Pittsburgh Penguins

Jerome Miron – USA TODAY Sports

Finally, the Pittsburgh Penguins have a winger for Sidney Crosby.  But wait, it looks like Crosby may have his pick of wingers now.

In a surprising move, Calgary Flames captain and superstar Jarome Iginla was traded to the Penguins after everyone was certain he would end up with the Boston Bruins.  Reports have also said that he stopped the trade to Boston in order to come to Pittsburgh.

Although many believe that a first-round draft pick in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft along with two additional prospects, Ben Hanowski and Kenny Agostino, is a pretty steep price to pay for Iginla as a rental player, it only appears that way at first glance.  Before today, no one heard of these prospects, so if they weren’t warranting much talk to begin with then there must not have been much of a chance they were going to make any big impact in the organization either.  Granted, a first-round pick may affect the franchise down the line especially when grouped with the other draft picks that were traded for Brenden Morrow and Douglas Murray; however, Penguins general manager, Ray Shero, himself pointed out that they had two first-round draft picks in this past draft and if the Penguins ultimately win the Stanley Cup, the reward will more than make up for the risk they took especially since the team’s current roster is still intact.

This has been an unbelievable week and an exciting time for the Penguins organization and its fans.  First, Morrow then Murray and now Iginla.  The Penguins are now undeniably stacked and ready for a serious run at the Stanley Cup this abbreviated season.  They have made themselves harder to play against for their opponents and are, arguably, the team to beat.  Anything less than the Cup will be a loss and big disappointment, but the Penguins really didn’t give up that much for it to be a total wash.

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