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Washington Capitals Need to Focus on What Works

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Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Who are the Washington Capitals, and what do they need? Adam Oates surely had a tough time coming in as a new coach with no offseason and it is showing. His Capitals need some help, but they won’t need very much to boost them up to the front of the Southeast Division.

On offense- The main focus for the Capitals should be staying focused on what they are doing. It hasn’t been pretty all season, but the offense is putting the glue together and proving that each squad doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective. The Power Play has had different looks all year, and the Capitals still doesn’t know who they really are. The fact is, their scheme is working. Mike Green is back, and they must focus on precise passing, quality shots, and crashing hard to the net.

On defense- I have always been a fan of hard hitting and fighting, but the Capitals need to calm down. A prime example happened the other night when Mike Green was left out in the open to defend the eventual game-winner by himself. This team must work on being smart, not taking costly penalties, and working on each task at hand.

Goaltending- Braden Holtby has basically been labeled as the starter, and things need to stay that way. Play between the pipes was bad in the beginning of the season because there was no true starter. Now that Holtby has established himself, he needs to stay there. The team has confidence in him and that will be the only way that Holtby succeeds.

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