Jarome Iginla Trade Bad News For the Philadelphia Flyers

By Deanna Vasso
Jarome Iginla traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, the hockey world knew something was up when the Calgary Flames announced that captain Jarome Iginla was a healthy scratch in their game against the Colorado Avalanche.

My first reaction was, “he’s going to get traded.”

I wasn’t wrong,  I just had no idea that his trade announcement was going to rock the NHL community the way that it did.

Late on Wednesday night, TSN’s Bob McKenzie tweeted that a deal had between struck between the Flames and the Boston Bruins. The Bruins and the Flames would not confirm the trade and it was still being run as an unofficial trade.

The deal was so close, that NHL.com ran a story on it. They did mention that the news was all according to a report, so nothing was official. When the NHL is reporting a story, that’s when you know a trade is pretty much a done deal.

So all the sleepy hockey fans went to sleep. I’m glad I don’t sleep well, because that’s when all hell broke lose.

McKenzie tweeted again a little while later to state that Iginla had not been traded to the Bruins, but was traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins:

It was a shock to everyone, but mostly to Bruins fans who were really excited to see Iginla play for their team. This news was also a shock and a slap in the face to Philadelphia Flyers fans.

Flyers fans knew that he would not come to Philadelphia, but it was very disheartening to learn that he would be become a member of the Flyers’ most heated rivals. Flyers fans don’t like the Bruins, but they really don’t like the Penguins. Just ask Sidney Crosby.

So that means that the Flyers not only have to go up against superstar linesmates Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, but also Iginla. This also means that Flyers fans are going to learn to hate Iginla rather quickly.

Luckily, the Flyers don’t play the Penguins again this year, so we can seek solace in that. I think all Flyers fans can agree with me that this is probably the worse NHL season for this team.

Let’s go Flyers! Deanna Vasso is a Flyers writer for rantsports.com. You can follow her on Twitter @Dmvasso.

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