Phoenix Coyotes May Be Better Off With New Owner, New City

By Andy Schmidt
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The last week has seen two different groups show interest in buying the Phoenix Coyotes. There is one group that appears set on keeping the Coyotes in the Phoenix area, while the other sounds like they would love to move the team to Canada. I really think at this point in time that the team would be better off moving to a big city in Canada and moving on from the Phoenix experience.

The team has been without ownership for a number of years and the NHL has had to take control of the Coyotes. That isn’t a good scenario for the league itself, and I think that the league needs to sell the team to someone who can run it themselves. This has gone on for four years now in Phoenix, and that is too long for my liking. I don’t see any reason why the team can’t move to Quebec at this point. There was a team there before, and the NHL can see from the Winnipeg experience the last two years that fans in Canada want more hockey.

I know this isn’t going to be popular with the fans in Phoenix, but unless someone comes up with the money to finance keeping the team in town, it is time to leave. There aren’t any real superstars on the Phoenix roster that fans can be attached to, and it looks like hockey in the desert isn’t going to work out. I just want something to happen sooner rather than later though because this has dragged on long enough, and a new location might be the best solution.

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