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Watch Out for Washington Capitals in April

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Folks might think that March Madness only relates to basketball, but this month of March has been full of madness for the Washington Capitals. Each game they find a new and original way to win or lose. Adam Oates’ team has been by far the most interesting team to watch, and it hasn’t always been pretty.

Their biggest problem is also their biggest strength. Sure, the Capitals might not have the exact formula for success, but in the end, that has helped them tremendously. They go out night after night and focus on one thing: playing the best hockey they can and winning.

While they are still one game back from the lead of the Southeast division, things are looking to be in the Capitals favor. The truth is, they are playing their best hockey heading into the most important month of the year—April.

April has always been a ridiculous month for Washington, and we should expect nothing different this year. However, it will be a bit different. Most Aprils are filled with real strategy and fans knowing what the team will be doing each game. Not this time—this time will be full of excitement.

Because this isn’t the best team that Washington has ever seen, their fans will be treated to a month full of craziness. Nobody knows what team will show up, and that might even give them an advantage against their opposing teams. They will have one more game in the month of March before it is off to April!