Eric Staal Pacing Carolina Hurricanes With Brilliant Season

By Randy Holt
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Though they’re currently struggling to maintain a playoff spot, there’s no doubt that this Carolina Hurricanes club is an exciting team to watch. They’re going to be a downright dominant organization within the next couple of seasons.

If you’re looking for a reason as to why this team has had a hard time maintaining their grasp on a playoff spot, it surely isn’t because of their offense. They boast one of the more potent offenses in the game, led by Eric Staal.

Staal has paced the Hurricanes with yet another fantastic year. The top six of the Hurricanes is one of the better groups in the game, and that’s led by a top line that has been downright dominant. In the middle of that is obviously Staal, who continues to stand as the Canes’ franchise player.

After posting a putrid minus-20 last year, Staal has improved that figure to a plus-15 this year. He has 38 points on the year, including 16 goals and 22 assists. His point total has him in the top ten in the league in that department. He’s also extremely impressive in the faceoff circle, finding success at the dot to a rate of 53 percent.

Though they don’t get the credit for it, the Hurricanes’ top line of Staal, Jiri Tlusty, and Alex Semin is one of the league’s top units. The three have combined for 95 points on the season, including 30 goals, which is among the best in the game. Staal is obviously a tremendous reason for that, anchoring that line with solid play in the middle.

It’s just yet another stellar season from Eric Staal, who continues to post impressive numbers at an absurd rate. He continues to be one of the game’s best and will obviously be a key piece when this team is contending for a Stanley Cup in the next couple of years.

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