Who's The Next Captain Of The Calgary Flames?

By Randy Holt
Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

The Calgary Flames lost not only the face of their organization, but their captain as well when they dealt Jarome Iginla to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Though they won’t name a new captain for the remainder of the season, as four players will rotate an ‘A’ for the rest of the year, it’s going to be interesting to see whether or not a new captain is named at some point during the summer. Not that there are a ton of candidates to get the badge and succeed Iginla.

The most obvious choice may be Curtis Glencross. He’s going to be heading into his sixth year with the organization this year, and will be sporting an ‘A” for the rest of the year. He’s one of only a few players that looks like he’ll be part of this team for the future, rather than trade bait in an effort to rebuild.

Mike Cammalleri is another candidate. He’s only been with the organization since last year, and is only signed through next season, but he’s currently wearing an ‘A’ as well, and is one of the team’s most consistent performers. One would have to imagine one of those two forwards would be a favorite.

If it were not for his uncertain future with the organization, Jay Bouwmeester would also be a prime candidate. He’s their top defenseman and logs more minutes than anyone else on the team. He’d be a terrific choice for this organization. But given the fact that he’s likely going to be traded before Wednesday, that seems unlikely.

The Flames aren’t necessarily required to name a new captain anytime soon, but one would have to imagine that they’re going to seriously evaluate the letter situation. If that’s the case, look for one of Glencross or Cammalleri to be a favorite, or even Bouwmeester if he’s still around.

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