Dallas Stars Fail To Get Value For Jaromir Jagr

By Randy Holt

Typically, it’s Jay Feaster that manages to make himself the laughingstock of the trade season. But Joe Nieuwendyk is doing a terrific job trying to catch up to him this year.

Nieuwendyk has already traded three key players in Brenden MorrowJaromir Jagr, and Derek Roy. Morrow was obviously a franchise mainstay since he broke into the league over a decade ago, while neither Jagr or Roy had grown too comfortable, having been acquired last summer through free agency and a trade, respectively.

The trade of Morrow wasn’t a bad one. The Dallas Stars managed to pick up a potential defenseman for the future in Joe Morrow. They received another defensive prospect and a second round pick for Roy. Not terrible for a guy who wasn’t going to come back this summer anyway, and can’t win a faceoff to save his life.

But the trade of Jagr is where Nieuwendyk may have completely dropped the ball this year. In sending Jagr to the Boston Bruins in exchange for bruiser Lane MacDermid, prospect Cody Payne, and a draft pick that will be a second rounder or a first, if the Bruins make it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

In this market, that’s just not enough for a player like Jagr. Obviously he’s not the type of guy who is going to put up huge numbers anymore. But we’ve seen the last couple of years that he can make an extremely positive impact, based off of his presence alone. He’s a tremendous asset on the wing for almost any center in the league. There’s obviously value there.

Yet, the Stars shipped him to Boston for a pair of prospects who don’t project as impact players at any point in their respective careers. Dallas will likely come out of this deal with just a draft pick. Given what names like Douglas Murray, or even Ryane Clowe, have fetched in this market, it’s pretty clear that Nieuwendyk failed on this front.

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