Detroit Red Wings Wise To Avoid Jay Bouwmeester

By Randy Holt
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Red Wings were a team that had been linked to Jay Bouwmeester ever since those rumors started up last summer. But nothing ever came of them, despite their glaring need for some help on the blue line.

Bouwmeester was dealt to a division rival of the Wings on Monday, when the Calgary Flames sent him to the St. Louis Blues for a couple of players and a high draft pick. The fact that he ended up on a team other than the Red Wings could be a blessing in disguise for Detroit.

It’s definitely true that the Wings are thin on the blue line. Any time the likes of Ian White is logging regular minutes on defense, there’s going to be some sort of concern. But they have some solid blue liners coming up through their system, as well as the fact that they recently added Western Michigan d-man Danny DeKeyser.

Even more important than the personnel that the Wings already have is the fact that not having Jay Bouwmeester on your roster tends to be beneficial.

Bouwmeester isn’t as awful as many have claimed him to be over the past couple of seasons. He’s certainly not worth the near-$7 million cap hit that he brings to the table. He doesn’t bring as much offensively to the table as many were hoping that he would. The one benefit of having Bouwmeester on the roster is to eat minutes.

Though he’s not as bad as his reputation might indicate, avoiding Bouwmeester is something that can be viewed as beneficial for the Wings. Their blue line should be in good shape, as early as next year. In avoiding Bouwmeester, they avoid adding that large contract to their payroll and didn’t have to surrender the high draft pick that the Blues did.

If the Bouwmeester Curse ends up holding, then it will also benefit the Wings in the way that the Blues won’t be in the playoffs, as Bouwmeester has never played in a postseason series. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

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