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Alex Ovechkin: Key for Washington Capitals

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that Alex Ovechkin has been one of the leagues best players for many, many years. Many people will even argue that he is the best in hockey. While that might be a stretch, he certainly has talent that any player or coach everywhere wishes they and their team had.

Like the Washington Capitals, Ovechkin has had a crazy year in this lockout-shortened season. Both have been playing good, but not like they usually have. Washington has done just enough to squeak by and be in the playoff race while Ovechkin has done just enough to keep media from questioning him.

Lately, Ovechkin has flipped to a new page and is playing like the lights-out player everyone knows. In his most recent game against the Carolina Hurricanes, he struck two times and also registered an assist. Those three points give him eight points in his last five games, propelling the Capitals into a late playoff run.

No, this might not be a story in previous years. However, this year it is crucial. The beginning of the year for “The Great Eight” was anything but usual. His goal-scoring was down and he wasn’t making the precise passes that fans are used to seeing. Now, it is completely different. Ovechkin is hitting every shot he takes. It seems like he cannot miss.

This team needs leadership if they want to make the playoffs, and Ovechkin is doing just that. He is being a true captain on this team and that is something that is desperately needed. If #8 can continue this great run, Washington could go back to the unstoppable team we have been used to seeing.