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NHL Philadelphia Flyers

Meet the New Philadelphia Flyers

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The New Philadelphia Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers Ruslan Fedotenko
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY

The Philadelphia Flyers were quiet on trade deadline day. A few moves were made before and at the wire, but their limited cap space kept any superstars from signing with the Flyers. Luckily for Philly, the few players that they did get will add depth in almost all areas, and a few of the players already have that layer of Flyer grit in their game.

As usual, no division rival dared trade with the Flyers, but teams like the Tampa Bay Lightning, Columbus Blue Jackets and Detroit Red Wings were willing to part ways with a few players for a pick or more. The offseason will probably prove more interesting, with potential contract buyouts and a couple players looking for new contracts.

At the forward position, both Adam Hall and Jay Rosehill were brought in to dominate the puck, whether it is via faceoff wins or physical play. In Cal Heeter and Steve Mason, the Flyers were going straight for the most controversial position in all of Philadelphia sports: the goalie. Finally, Kent Huskins is a veteran defenseman that has played in multiple cities, most recently in Detroit where he was not the Nicklas Lidström replacement that the Motor City was looking for.

Across the board, the message from the Flyers is the same: they needed hardworking guys at a low cost, something that is increasingly hard to find in a shortened season. Take a look at the new teammates and get to know their particular set of skills, as the Flyers opponents certainly will along the road to the playoffs.

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Steve Mason

Philadelphia Flyers Steve Mason
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY

Steve Mason is potentially the most controversial trade, as Stanley Cup Final goalie Michael Leighton was bait, along with a pick. This former Calder Trophy winner has had nothing but bad luck after his amazing debut season, but the Flyers are hoping less pressure and a new environment will equal great success.

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Kent Huskins

Philadelphia Flyers Kent Huskins
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY

D-man Kent Huskins is a neo-journeyman, with coast-to-coast gigs across the league. His tough play and hard shot will help a broken blue line in Philly.

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Cal Heeter

Philadelphia Flyers Cal Heeter
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY

If Cal Heeter plays this year, then something terrible has happened, as he's currently sitting fourth in line to get in the net. His college play made him a focus for the Flyers and his recent call-up from Adirondack may mean some practice time with the pros.

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Jay Rosehill

Philadelphia Flyers Jay Rosehill
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY

Jay Rosehill seemed like a minor move when he was brought in, but his gritty play and fearlessness will make him a fan-favorite in no time.

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Adam Hall

Philadelphia Flyers Adam Hall
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY

Adam Hall is just what the Flyers need, as his faceoff wins and nose for the puck will help some of those garbage goals pop into the net.