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Funny Ottawa Senators Tweets

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Some Funny Ottawa Senators Tweets

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If we were still in the olden days, to interact with an NHL superstar, we’d have to write to them or go early to a hockey game. But now, there is a better way to interact with any player in the NHL—Twitter. A regular NHL season can be long and strenuous, and using social media is an entertaining way for players to relax and communicate with others, all from a screen.

The Ottawa Senators have some funny characters away from the rink. They are doing their job on the ice, and getting thousands of “retweets” and “favorites” off of it. It’s surprising how funny these players can be in 140 characters (or less). Clever hashtags and funny comments are what make Twitter so enjoyable. It shows that even though these players are making the big bucks, they still take time out of their day and talk to fans, and show that they have a normal life.

This slideshow provides some funny Ottawa Senators tweets from their players. Sens fans sign into Twitter every day and read what their “Pesky Sens” are tweeting about. Although Twitter is a very reliable place to get info (especially if they are verified), a lot of people use Twitter as a comedy source, especially with the wacky things the Sens are saying.

If you're ever feeling down, just visit a couple Ottawa Senator twitter pages and you will surely light up. These players have provided numerous laugh out loud sayings, and surely they won't stop.


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Marc Methot (@MarcMethot3)

Brad Penner- USA TODAY Sports

Classic Marc Methot having a little fun asking a question to former Senator Ben Bishop.

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Matt Kassian (@kassassination)

Marc DesRosiers- USA TODAY Sports

Newly acquired Senator Matt Kassian ruining the image of the beloved Easter Bunny.

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Zack Smith (@Smit_Treat15)

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Forward Zack Smith didn't get a win on his birthday, but he did get a cupcake.

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Mika Zibanejad (@MikaZibanejad)

Marc DesRosiers- USA TODAY Sports

It's great to know that Sweden native Mika Zibanejad isn't getting homesick in the Nation's capital.

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Eric Gryba (grybes02)

Marc DesRosiers- USA TODAY Sports

Apparently Eric Gryba isn't a fan of Taylor Swift.