Washington Capitals Face Tough Road Ahead

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Capitals‘ bumpy ride of a season has come as a surprise to many. Whether they are winning or losing, they can’t seem to be consistent. One day they will shine, and the next is a disaster. This has made fans in Washington very restless at times. Head Coach Adam Oates has been looking for a team that can be great night after night, and he has found that recently with his Capitals.

Recently, things have changed. They have gone from 15-17-1, to reach a current 19-17-2 record and surging in the Southeast division. With the season coming to an end very soon, they are getting close to making a spot in this year’s playoffs and being one of the more surprising teams in the league.

The toughest task is ahead of them however as they are going to have some tough games on their plate. In their most recent stretch, they will have to play several good teams that will give them a run for their money. The Tampa Bay Lightning are on their schedule several more times, and they will also battle the Boston Bruins and Carolina Hurricanes before ending the year.

Something that Washington must work on and get going to win these games and make their mark in the playoffs is starting early. They have been good at this recently, but they will need to make extra sure they get this job done in the upcoming stretch. Whether it’s the power play, penalty kill, or even the game in general, the Capitals need to start early and keep their opponents on their heels.

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