Ottawa Senators Need To Get Back On Track

Ottawa Senators

Robert Mayer- USA TODAY Sports

It is now official that the Ottawa Senators have hit the panic button. Ottawa has 10 games remaining, and if they continue to play like they have as of late, we won’t be hearing of the Senators until the Draft. Ottawa currently has lost four straight, and they haven’t even earned a single point in those games. Ottawa last earned a point in their second to last game of March.

No one would be talking about their recent woes if they were in first place, but that’s the problem–they are in sixth place and the teams behind them are in striking distance. Ottawa needs a point, badly. If they lost four straight but at least reached overtime, they’d have an extra four points on top of their 44.

On a positive side, Craig Anderson returned to the lineup last night, and Ottawa finally has a player with 10 goals–Cory Conacher. Their effort is there, but Ottawa needs to start scoring goals. Hopefully this is just a little losing skid and they turn it around with a win tomorrow, because if not they are in some deep trouble.

Excuses aren’t being made by the Senators either. Sure they lost their top talent, but even without Jason Spezza, Milan Michalek and Erik Karlsson they were able to hold a solid spot in the league for a long period of time, so there is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to revert back to their old winning ways.

Less than a month remains in the season, and Ottawa needs to pull their socks up for tomorrow’s game, or their season will end come May.

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