Philadelphia Flyers' Eric Wellwood Injured in Adirondack Phantoms Game

By Deanna Vasso
Eric Wellwood injured in AHL game
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Warning: There’s a picture of a bloody skate in this blog post.

On Sunday night, Philadelphia Flyers rookie Eric Wellwood was injured in a game with the team’s AHL affiliate. In the Adirondack Phantoms game against the Bridgeport Sound Tigers, Wellwood sliced his lower right leg with his skate and had to leave the game.

During the second period, Wellwood slammed into the boards and ended up catching his leg on his skate. There was no real foul play in what happened, and it was purely a freak accident since Wellwood cut himself with his own skate. Despite this being an accident, it did have a lot of repercussions.

Wellwood had to leave the ice immediately even though the puck was still in play. According to the Phantoms game recap, he left a trail of blood on the ice as he went to the locker room. The cut on his leg was so severe that he was rushed to a nearby hospital in Bridgeport, Conn. He had surgery at the hospital due to vascular damage and is reportedly having more surgery to repair the damage to his tenon on Monday. There are even some reports that are saying Wellwood cut an artery in his calf.

This injury is pretty serious and became even more apparent when teammate Danny Syvret tweeted a picture of Wellwood’s bloody skate after the game:

Wellwood’s injury is also going to be talked about a lot since it brings up the debate that occurred after  Erik Karlsson had a similar season ending injury. He was also cut with a skate, but by another player. Both these injuries make the Kelvar sock debate resurface, and whether or not the NHL should mandate them.

I think it’s going to take many more serious injuries like this before the league actually does something about it, but hockey players need to start looking at Wellwood and Karlsson to make a decision for themselves. They need to ask themselves, “Do I ever want to see my skate that bloody?” The answer is a clear no, but it’s going to take some time before anything gets done.

Wellwood has only played four games with the Flyers this season, and with both the AHL and NHL seasons coming to an end at the end of the month, it is more than likely that his season might be over. I wish him the best in a speedy recovery.

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