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Philadelphia Flyers’ Goalie Drama Continues With Ilya Bryzgalov, Steve Mason

Ilya Bryzgalov fell asleep during a meeting

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For those you who were dialed in to sports news today, you may have noticed an odd story coming out of the Philadelphia today. Of course, I’m talking about the one that said the reason why the Philadelphia Flyers starting goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov was benched on Tuesday — because he fell asleep during a team meeting.

On slow news days, these sort of things tend to become a big deal. Another report came out later in the day that had sources confirming that Bryzgalov wasn’t benched because of that, but he did fall asleep during a meeting. I can’t say I blame him, most of us who have boring jobs probably have to suffer through a lot of boring meetings. How many times have you fallen asleep during a meeting?

A lot of his teammates and coach Peter Laviolette denied that this happened. Some members of the Philadelphia media even stated that they thought it was a fabricated story. So is this story really newsworthy? Perhaps not, but it does call into question the eccentric nature of the Flyers starting goaltender. He’s definitely a weird dude, but I highly doubt he was actually sleeping during the meeting.

This also brings up the drama that is brewing between Bryzgalov and the new backup Steve Mason. Mason relieved Bryzgalov in last Saturday’s game and he got his first start in Tuesday night’s game. Unfortunately, both games the new goalie has played in have been Flyers losses.

However, don’t count that against Mason so quickly. He looked solid in net on Tuesday, but you can’t win games without a bit of defense. The team played with no heart and the defense gave him no help in front of the net. How can you expect the team to win if they aren’t playing like they even want to be there?

It’s been rumored that the Flyers want to amnesty Bryzgalov and that’s why Mason was brought in. I highly doubt that will happen, but the Flyers need to be looking at the draft and what’s in store for them next year.

It’s been a team effort to fail this season, so to amnesty Bryzgalov may not be in the Flyers best interests. There needs to be a change for the entire team not just one position. However, this is Philadelphia so be prepared for anything. General Manager Paul Holmgren does have a habit of making huge and surprising off-season moves.

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