Patrick Marleau Still A Ghost For San Jose Sharks

By Randy Holt
Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Early on this season, there was a clear cut favorite for the Hart Trophy. And it wasn’t Sidney Crosby.

As the San Jose Sharks got off to an incredibly fast start, they were led by Patrick Marleau. Marleau went on an absolutely torrid stretch early on in the year, as the Sharks looked like they were going to coast to one of the top seeds in the Western Conference. Fast forward to a couple months later, that obviously is not the case anymore.

The Sharks have regained their form in the past couple of weeks. They’ve ridden some hot goaltending and solid play from up and down the lineup to almost guarantee themselves a playoff spot, when it looked like one was going to be just a dream only a few weeks ago. They currently sit in fourth in the West.

But while the Sharks have found their rhythm with only eight games to play, Marleau has not. He essentially remains a ghost on the stat sheet. He hasn’t performed at that level that we saw earlier on the season, when he posted 14 points in the first six games of the 2013 campaign.

With 26 points on the year, over half of Marleau’s points came over the course of that six-game point streak. He also had a five-game stretch with a point in each, which takes the total amount of points up to 19. That means just seven points came in the other 26 games this season.

If the Sharks want to make a serious run when the playoffs come along in the next couple of weeks, they’re going to need a whole lot more from Patrick Marleau. Given the silence that the Sharks have received from his end of things for the better part of the season, that may not happen.

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