Bryce Salvador Contract Blowing Up In Face Of New Jersey Devils

By Randy Holt
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Last summer, the New Jersey Devils found themselves in an interesting position. With Zach Parise almost certainly leaving, they needed to make a splash just a few weeks after making it to the Stanley Cup Finals. That desire for a splash resulted in a three-year contract for Bryce Salvador.

Salvador had a very solid postseason for the Devils last year, sort of reviving his career. After some pretty serious injury issues, Salvador rebounded in the playoffs, finishing with 14 points in 24 games, proving to be a key piece in helping the Devils go as far as they did.

He was rewarded in two very large ways last summer. The first was with a three-year deal with a cap hit over $3 million. The second was with the ‘C’, which was awarded to Salvador after Parise left in free agency. Neither decision is one that is working out too well for the Devils.

Salvador has been largely unimpressive this year. He has just two points on the season after racking up quite a few in last year’s playoffs. He’s served more as a pylon than anything this year and is an extremely disappointing minus-12 on the year. If his plus/minus wasn’t enough of an indication, his minus-14 Corsi rating is one of the worst on the team.

At this point, Salvador is also injured and his status for the remainder of the season is completely up in the air. He’s currently out with a wrist injury with no real timetable for his return.

All in all, this is a tough situation for the Devils and for Salvador. They rewarded him with big money and haven’t seen much of anything as far as a return on their investment. It was a risky deal when the Devils re-signed him last summer, and the negative side of that risk is rearing its ugly head at New Jersey.

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