Toronto Maple Leafs: Is Joffrey Lupul Ready For New Jersey Devils?

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo


Tonight is game day for the Toronto Maple Leafs. The blue and white get set to face the New Jersey Devils. New Jersey is currently on a nine  game losing streak. They are outside the playoff picture right now. The Toronto media likes to focus on the possibility of Toronto finally making the playoffs after a substantial absence in the past few years.

The Maple Leafs cast and crew would not like to focus on playoffs right now, but would rather like to focus on the “next big game.” It should be understood that in any sport, there are no guarantees. It is believed, a desperate team is a dangerous one. One must not dismiss the skill level of Martin Broduer. However, there might be an ace up the sleeve of Leafs Head Coach Randy Carlyle, as far as Joffrey Lupul physical condition goes.

Earlier today, it was reported on and Twitter that Carlyle will make a game time decision about Lupul. King Joffrey has not played a game with his club since being taking out of action after a big hit against the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday April 4. The hit he suffered in Toronto was diagnosed as a concussion later in the week. Joffrey has since then been cleared for physical contact.

The Lupul-Nazem Kadri duo has been explosive for the boys in blue. Lupul and Kadri have responded in a big way for their club scoring a combined effort of 25 goals 42 assists this season. #19 and #43 are big reason why teams around the NHL aren’t laughing at the Leafs anymore.

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