TV Star Waits to See a Clash of the Titans Hockey Game in the 2014 Winter Classic

By Anthony Sicilia
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Celebrities are often in the limelight, but no matter how big you are in Hollywood the rich and famous aren’t immune to being a fan of sports.  Film and television star Will Arnett, best known for his role on the TV series Arrested Development, is a proud member of Leafs Nation.   Arnett is a major supporter of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and he bleeds blue and white.  The Canadian comedian reflects on his memories growing up as a Leafs fan telling

“Let me just say it feels pretty good being the No. 5 seed in the East currently. I feel really optimistic for the first time in nine years that the Leafs are maybe going to the postseason,” Arnett said. “They’ve proven to be resilient in the face of injuries. It shows that they’re a great team. That they’re buying into what Randy Carlyle is selling. You see it. They’re playing like a team.”

Arnett feels that the Detroit Red Wings and Maple Leafs rivalry should be interesting because of the proposed re-alignment to come into effect next season. The re-alignment will affect those teams who are geographically close to each other.

The actor still refuses to let his passion for the Leafs fade. He makes an effort to watch every single Leafs game there is despite how busy he may be.   Arnett, who plans on being among the 100,000-plus fans attending the 2014 Winter Classic at Michigan Stadium, said: “Leafs in the Winter Classic is the way it should be. The Leafs deserve to be there, and so do the Red Wings. It’s a classic.”

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