Is Martin Brodeur the Cause of the New Jersey Devils' Woes?

By Dawn Miller
Martin Brodeur: Has he Cursed the New Jersey Devils?
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Is Martin Brodeur the cause of the New Jersey Devils losing streak? The last time the team put one in the win column was way back on March 23 against the Florida Panthers. It was number 666 for Brodeur, the winningest goaltender of all time.

His older brother jokingly told him that he should retire on that win. Now, he and his team are stuck on it and they have been for three weeks, reliving the same bad game.

For those of you who aren’t the least bit superstitious, 666 is not just simply the number that falls between 665 and 667. It is considered the number of the beast and it is associated with Lucifer or by his more common moniker, the devil.

Some people are so serious about the satanic references 666 holds that they avoid any and all combinations associated with the three digits. It would be considered an extremely bad sign to come across the number in any form. There is even an actual phobia for it.

However, if you made your living playing for the Devils, you would think his number would be a lucky one. After all, the team was named after one of the Garden State’s more infamous legends, the Jersey Devil.

The folklore of the Jersey Devil dates back to the 1700s when Mother Leeds was set to give birth to her thirteenth child. She was not pleased about another pregnancy and was heard to say that this one was to be the devil. Some say she was a witch and her husband, the devil himself.

On a stormy night, a child was born. Normal at first, legend had it he changed into the demon himself and still walks amongst the woods of the Pine Barrens down in South Jersey.

A wonderfully wicked chapter in the always popular Weird New Jersey series, but the reason for the Devils trying the franchise record for most consecutive losses, hardly.

Yet, they do seem cursed in a way. The team from 1983 that originally set the 10 loss mark was awful. This current Devils team is not horrible. As a matter of fact, they have been outshooting and outworking opponents in most of those games.

Four of them were lost in a shootout or overtime. Brodeur has been playing well and keeping the club in a position to win which is the goaltender’s job. They simply cannot score and you can’t win if you can’t put the puck in the net.

So, is an exorcism on the horizon with the Devils one loss away from setting a new franchise worst? Probably not, but maybe the team should have their fortunes told. Madam Marie is available. She’s still down near the boardwalk in Asbury Park like the Bruce Springsteen song Sandy says.

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