Philadelphia Flyers' Wayne Simmonds Represents Team In NHL 14 Cover Vote

By Jesse Seilhan

Every year, EA Sports puts out the best hockey game in the video game industry, mostly due to the fact that they put out the only hockey game. Along with the enhancements to realism and presentation, the question of “who will be on the cover?” is always a hotly contested issue. Last year, the Philadelphia Flyers were represented by captain Claude Giroux and brought a lot of pride (and jersey sales) to the Flyers, being the first player from the team to have such an honor. This year, EA is doing a cover contest vote and Wayne Simmonds has a chance to double-up on Flyers covers if he wins the whole thing.

The contest started with two players from each team. Team MVP Jakub Voracek went head-to-head with Simmonds in round one, but was swiftly defeated by the fan-favorite pugilist. The field is stacked with Stanley Cup champions, Conn Smythe winners, and rock star rookies with devoted fan bases. EA does not surface the voting results until the next round begins, but fans can vote here as many times as they would like.

Teammate Scott Hartnell was vying for the wrong winger, as he tweeted:

“Vote for a fellow #gingy @jachobe  at  Gingy’s on the cover 2 years in a row. #letsgo sorry @Simmonds17”.

All that ginger love did not equate to votes, as Simmonds’ 32 points in 45 games showcased the skills he has on the stick, while his six fights and one hat trick kept the crowd entertained. Last year, it came down to Giroux and Nashville Predators‘ goalie Pekka Rinne, who is not a wildly popular star, but Nashville’s intense following led to a close contest. Voting for the second round ends on May 5th, and the next round of voting will be announced soon after.

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