New York Rangers Offensive Woes Costing Them In Playoffs

By Brandon Fitzpatrick
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports


Once again, the New York Rangers lack of scoring ability has cost them games in a playoff series. The Rangers dropped game 2 to the Washington Capitals by a score of 1-0.

The Rangers only managed to register 24 shots and very few quality scoring chances. The only positive is how they hit two posts and came oh-so-close to two 1-0 leads.

The fact is, the Rangers are an anemic offensive team. No matter what head coach John Tortorella does his offense continues to be inconsistent. The juggling of lines has not generated any spark and it continues to show how the Rangers are a weak depth scoring team.

It’s very simple to beat the Rangers and most teams have picked up on that this year. If you can control the number of odd man rushes the Rangers get they will not score many goals. They love to cycle the puck below the goal line but can never get quality scoring chances off it. Their defenseman do not shoot the puck right away and instead fake shot and take a bad angle shot or throw it back down the boards to be re-cycled.

The real problem lies within the Rangers power play. For whatever reason, Brad Richards is clearly not the same player he was last year. He looks a step slow and his decision-making has been down right awful. The Rangers third and fourth line players have made little to none impact on the offensive end of the ice.

It’s obvious that the Ranges are in big trouble. If the Rangers offensive woes continue, they will find themselves with a quick exit from the playoffs.

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