2013 NHL Playoffs: 5 Most Important Players for the St. Louis Blues

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2013 NHL Playoffs: 5 Most Important Players for the St. Louis Blues

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Every team has players that they need to perform night in and night out if they want to win. In the playoffs, those players need to perform at even higher level. When the lights shine the brightest, the stars need to perform.

The St. Louis Blues got the task of taking down the defending Stanley Cup champions in the first round. So far, through three games, they have the 2-1 series lead in large part due to their great goaltending.

For a great team in the NHL, the Blues don’t have any names that really stand out. That doesn’t mean they don’t have good players on their team. They may not have any great players, but they have a core of decent players.

Having a lot of good players instead of a couple of great ones can sometimes be a better thing, especially in hockey where every single player is going to step on the ice for significant time and have an impact on the game.

Someone has to do the scoring, and they need to have some sort of defense to help out their goalie. The Blues do have players who can put the puck in the net with help from some great passing, and they also have great defensemen who really help shut down the opposing team from getting easy shots off.

These five players are the most important ones for the Blues, but they are nowhere near close to their only good players as they look to take down the defending champs.

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5: Chris Stewart

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Chris Stewart led the Blues in points easily in the regular season as a right wing, and they are going to need him to continue to produce whether it is him scoring or passing.

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4: Kevin Shattenkirk

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Kevin Shattenkirk is a defenseman for the Blues and he is a big reason why they give up such a small amount of goals. He is on the ice an enormous amount of time and still has a positive +/- for the Blues.

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3: Alex Pietrangelo

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Defense is important in every sport and that is what Pietrangelo does best. He easily gets the most ice time on the team, and there is a reason for that. He has only taken five penalties and has 24 points as a defenseman.

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2: Alexander Steen

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The Blues have played three games so far in the playoffs, and Steen already has two goals in the low scoring series. In the regular season he sat out eight games and still finished third on the team in points and second in assists. He also had one of the best +/- numbers on the team with a +5.

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1: Brian Elliott

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Brian Elliott has filled in nicely at the goalie position for Jaroslav Halak. He has allowed .93 goals per game so far in the playoffs, and as a backup goalie, there is a lot of pressure on you. Elliot has handled it with ease.

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