Matt Frattin A Valuable Postseason Player For Toronto Maple Leafs

By Randy Holt
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Searching for answers after their Game 1 drubbing at the hands of the division rival Boston Bruins, the Toronto Maple Leafs came out in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals looking like a completely different team on Saturday night.

The Leafs came out and won the Game 2 tilt by a 4-2 score, looking much better than the previous night. While there were a number of factors that had an effect on their performance, there’s no denying the positive effect that Matt Frattin brought to the mix.

Frattin was a healthy scratch for Game 1 of the series, and only played in about half of the regular season games for the Maple Leafs. He actually performed better offensively than he had last year, his first full season in the league. He finished with 13 points in 25 games.

That total almost equaled his career high, which was just 15 in 56 games. But Frattin isn’t the type of guy who’s going to be added to the lineup to spark the offense. The Maple Leafs have enough top tier forwards that they don’t need that type of presence.

What Frattin does add is some grit to the lineup. That type of addition to the lineup can be very important during the postseason, when the games become more of a grind than in the regular season. Frattin can play that style of game, and we saw it on Saturday night.

Frattin finished the game with an assist on the stat sheet. But more importantly were the five hits he added. The Leafs came out a lot stronger in Game 2, and he was a reason why.

Obviously Frattin isn’t going to be any sort of x-factor and his presence isn’t something that is absolutely crucial. But he proved to be an important addition in Game 2 and should be an asset to this lineup moving forward in this series against Boston.

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